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Do You Want a Wall Or

Now Donald Trump wants 5.7 billion dollars to build something. A wall, a fence, metal slats.

It is not clear.

It is estimated that construction at the border could cost American taxpayers billions of additional

dollars. In addition to monies slated for border security that both parties want allocated.

And it is now being reported that the 35 day government shutdown cost anywhere from

6 billion to 11 billion dollars. $11 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Hmm. And no one is asking about Mexico and when the country will send us the money via


What could even one billion do for the United States:

Go online and find out how one, five or more billion dollars would help our country dealing with any of the dozens of salient issues that enjoy consensus. In other words, policies that most Americans want.

Don't Shop on Tuesdays.

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