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Covid Relief Now for us US

Winter is coming and there is no relief for the American people in sight. After a devastating year, with over 300000 people dead and more loss in struggle than we could have possibly imagined, we have reason to believe that the worst is yet to come. Our government has utterly failed us. Compared to other developed nations the Federal government has not only failed to combat the virus, they have failed us economically, they have exposed our entire system as a sham from public health to our school systems. This past year has shown that we are not in fact a functioning country, but failed state.

Time and again Congress and Trump have failed to pass the necessary relief to alleviate the suffering of Americans during the greatest catastrophe in our modern history. We have lost over a 9/11 a day during multiple parts of this pandemic! This sort of failure does not happen overnight, and it does not happen with just one man. This is an entire system which runs on the belief that the government is not the answer, that it cannot intervene in a way that is meaningful. And so Congress twiddles their thumbs while Americans cry out for action.

Congress should pass a coronavirus relief bill before the end of the year .

Agree: 86%

Disagree: 9%

Americans Support:

Second Round of Stimulus Checks: 75%

Americans Reject:

Liability Shield for Businesses: 77%

Mitch McConnell is certainly the greatest of the villains in this saga, preventing a covid-19 relief bill, and standing by watching widespread death and destruction, all for the sake of his own political power and nihilistic ideology. He and the Republicans are attempting to transform this country until it no longer resembles a free fair nation with opportunity for all. He leads a Republican party that is devoted to a mutually exclusive vision of the world from a pluralistic democratic and liberal society that prizes science and free thought.

Mitch McConnell is the most responsible person for the holdup of this very necessary aid, overwhelmingly demanded in growing desperation by Americans, but make no mistake, Democrats are responsible is well! Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have shown themselves to be feckless, weak, and incompetent. They have been unable to muster the courage or effort, to use the tools and power available to them to fight for the American people in their hour of greatest need. As always the epitaph of the Democrats reads "there was nothing we could do."

As they stand by, incompetent and useless, unable to even effectively lay the blame for all this suffering at the feet of the Republicans, we see more and more Americans suffer and die. This is unacceptable! We, the American people, cannot allow our politicians, our representatives, who control the most powerful government in the history of the world, to continue to stand by and allow an ideology of nihilism and do nothingness to dominate our culture!

We need to stand together, to organize, to grow our power and demand change! Meaningful change, that brings with it stimulus and opportunity! That demand starts with a stimulus bill. Knowing

Congress, there will only be one bite at the proverbial apple. We need to make sure that when stimulus passes, that we get direct checks to people, that Democrats listen to what people want, and don't support insane liability protections so beloved by Mitch McConnell. Instead, we must demand Democrats pass direct cash payments, covid testing and support for small businesses. Most importantly we cannot let Democrats continue to fritter away our leverage until we have nothing to negotiate with. Times like these call for big, bold action. We must organize everyTuesday in growing solidarity as we fight the powers of division and oligarchs who threaten to undermine our democracy.

Don't Shop on Tuesdays!

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