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Corruption Cake: Not Fattening but Destroying our Country

Unrepresentative Policy of the Week:Which Democrat Takes the Corruption Cake?

Who can be the most corrupt Democrat? As the deadline nears for the Democrats reconciliation package vote, the “negotiating” has intensified. Negotiating between whom you ask? Democrats themselves of course. Having somehow found themselves in a position to actually deliver on their promises to the American people, Biden’s own agenda, multiple Democratic lawmakers have eagerly assumed the role of villain, working to either block or neuter any policy that helps the people.

Is it Bob Menendez, who just had to get in on the corruption bananza taking pharma money and opposing lowering prescription drug prices? Something 90% of Americans support!

Is it Kirsten Sinema, someone we’ve covered extensively here, who seem to delight in ever more flagrant displays of taking bribes from wealthy donors? She has a seemingly Trumpian drive to outdo each new travesty she commits as she avoids doing her real job. Her previous flagrant lies – when she fled DC for Arizona claiming to have an injured foot, right before she ran the Boston marathon – have now been overshadowed by latest move to travel to Europe, fundraising from wealthy ex-pats. There doesn’t seem to be a Democratic agenda item she isn’t against.

Is it Joe Manchin, our resident corrupt coal baron, masquerading as public servant? He enriches his family, covers up their illegal schemes, and uses his power and privilege to destroy the world for his own benefit. He and his family have felt entitled to all their ill-gotten gains, yet Manchin has the temerity to claim that extending the childhood tax credit without strict work requirements, even for grandparents of orphaned children, is too much of an entitlement! Joe Manchin wants grandparents and nursing mothers to get back to the mines, or he’ll let your children starve! This isn’t a joke, we know the added benefits from this program halved childhood poverty, and now Manchin wants to send children back into destitution.

Is it one of the dozens of other members of Congress, who skulk in the shadows, taking the same bribe and making similar corrupt deals? They may not enjoy basking in the public spotlight, their corruption out for all to see, but they work just as hard to make sure our system serves the wealthy, not the 99%.

It’s long past clear that Joe Biden is not the leader that can bring these corrupt goons within his own party to heel. The American people need better, but it doesn’t look like we will be getting it. No, to fight this corruption is going to take people power speaking the only languages these corrupt politicians understand: money and power.

We must join together each week in growing solidarity, building an economic block that can stand up to the 1%. Each Tuesday we build that power, and grow our collective economic muscle.

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