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911 First Responders

If you are going to be a soulless, cruel corporately owned politician, at least be consistent.

If you care enough about the deficit to deny the First Responders of 911- the people who went rushing into burning and collapsing buildings- benefits then vote against tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy.

Oh wait- the major benefactors in perpetuity of the tax cuts are your donors. Hmm. Problem.

In addition to the diseases and other challenges facing these brave citizens and heroes is the added weight of literally every politician hanging around their neck, hoping to catch some of the well deserved respect. This is in reference to the first responders not the people buying up politicians and destroying our country.

Ron Paul- go ask the corporate donors who own you if you could vote for something most people want and is the right and moral thing to do.

Mike Lee, oh just go to hell.

Less than 33% of people and dropping approve of the Trump/McConnell/Ryan tax cut, which is and will explode the deficit. And those who will be hurt by this legislation and still support it, simply have been lied to or don’t understand.

The Leviathan must take moral action. The State has responsibilities to its citizens; some marked by demographics while others by circumstance.

Ron Paul and Mike Lee- how about you change out of your business suits, leave the air-conditioned Capitol building and put out a fire. Just a small one. The building does not have to be collapsing.

Don’t Shop on Tuesdays.

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